Parents’ Virtual Resources

Virtual resources

Play-based for parents and educators looking for simplicity and ease,  these free instructional resources will save you time, and give you clarity as you prepare for classroom, small homeschool groups, homework support, or individual learner support sessions.

DIBELS Free Reading Assessments

These will help you to find out the reading skills of your child(ren) based on their learning curve rather than age and then give you a clear way to support them effectively.

Pendobox reading curriculum

Parents and educators with beginners or kids struggling with reading can use this interactive Science + reading curriculum to develop their child(ren)’s reading skills. Please share your experiences with us, and let us know if you need further support.

Kids’ Stories

General classic stories are great for building communication and comprehension during circle story time or reading out loud at home. These virtual culturally relevant curious reader and African story book stories and other hard copies (You can borrow some from our Community Library) will make reading sessions memorable.

Reading and STEM apps

The Khan Academy kids app, tango math, and blocky games have some of the best effective interactive phonics, math, and programming practice games for kids. Learners will independently stay engaged as they practice new S.M.A.R.T skills after a lesson or after school.

Writing app

Some kids don’t mind writing, while others struggle greatly. This iwrite app will come in handy when helping kids to practice letter and number formation.

Fun science drama series

These Science Friday audio drama series are not only great ways to encourage children and adults to love and apply science in everyday life but they are also great for family edutainment. replace them with movie nights once in a while.