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We prepare 3-12-year-old kids for life by improving their love for learning, critical thinking + problem-solving, reading, numeracy skills, and overall learning outcomes using our hands-on and low-cost SMART curriculum and tutoring intervention programs so they can thrive throughout and after school.  

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Why Choose Pendo Education?

We offer better alternatives

It is justifiable to say that many children desperately need learning support beyond what the school system can provide. It is estimated that out of the 50M low and middle-income families with pre and primary-school-going children in private schools, 90 % of parents are very frustrated by the learning gaps and low learner performance among their children. Many parents are doing their best to figure out how to solve this problem, although, many do not know how to help their struggling children. Unfortunately, there are very few good and affordable alternative solutions on the market, and that’s why exist.

Enjoy access to quality and impactful education at a lower cost.

We offer a range of fee options for various services starting as low as $3-200/month for middle-income families which is equivalent to or less than a 10th of the cost of high-end quality schools fees. we also use the sponsorship option to support children from less privileged families.

Our tested early-grade STEM-based curriculum (The Pendo learning box) has been used to boost over 1000 kids’ reading skills in and out of school and it was acknowledged by Harvard University as one of the most creative and effective education solutions in Africa.

Individualized services that meet the learners’ needs.

Since our School systems are not well designed to address the needs of students, this has led to a lot of learning gaps among learners that are hard to fix without explicit intervention no matter how long kids stay in school. At Pendocare, we use a SMART curriculum that incorporates teaching at the right level during continuous reading interventions. This gives learners enough time and various opportunities to hone effective skills at their pace, reducing learning gaps and boosting their learning outcomes before they join primary or catch up to their grade level before they finish primary school.

Services that restore a piece of mind among parents and confidence among learners.

Our affordable services are known to boost learners’ reading skills and overall learning outcomes by 80%. 99% of learners enrolled in our program start with non-existent reading foundation skills that they can hardly read a single word or phrase. We help them to move from the nonexistent stage to the average or/ and advanced stage where they care able to independently read known and new text with meaning. the learners’ reading confidence across the various reading skills is restored, arousing their love for learning. This also helps parents to keep calm and less concerned about their children’s future.

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